Looking for a new Rison to get out of bed in the morning?

A year ago, Rison was no more than an idea. Admittedly a very good idea, but still, the response from clients and partners alike has been overwhelming. This of course is good news for us, for the climate, and possibly for you as well. So keep reading to find out if you have a future with a Rison.

Available jobs

Market & Sales Director

We are looking for an experienced sales professional to take responsibility for our customer offer and market penetration strategy. At Rison we help companies finance their climate projects in order to reach carbon neutrality and save money at the same time. There is a growing consensus that smart financing will be one of the most important keys to tackle the climate crisis. At Rison we have an innovative financing solution integrated into our digital platform that will help us du just that. At great scale.

As the leading manager of sales, customers and our value proposition you will help the world’s most ambitious companies reach their climate targets. You will work closely with our CEO making us the best friend of both clients who are looking to lower emissions and costs and partners who want to scale their business.

You will guide us in setting up our customer and partner oriented operations and deploy an advisory approach to sales. Finding new clients, closing deals and handling large accounts will be daily activities. You will use your international experience and excellent communication skills to build the network we need to help our clients and partners in the best possible way.

Key tasks

  • Strategic responsibility for Sales & Key Account Management
  • Identify and engage potential clients
  • Assume an advisory role with our clients
  • Close deals to grow our pipeline of bankable projects
  • Represent Rison in external communications and events
  • Build our network of partners
  • Build and lead our consultancy services (primarily a network of external consultants)

Additional experience could include

  • Cleantech & renewable energy
  • Startup experience
  • Financing/banking industry

Does that sound just like the calling you've been looking for? If so, get right on it and send off your cover letter and CV to our COO John Sandberg. Subject: Market & Sales Director.

Working at Rison

You will join a team of entrepreneurs in the sense that we all strive to improve and innovate while not being afraid of changes. As a team we are very result oriented, and our clearly stated purpose adds an extra layer of motivation for us.

We nourish a culture of trust and listening where both ideas and results are respected and demanded. We seen each other both as professional and individuals when we try to build a real company rather than "run a startup". The key is to find the smartest solutions and build the storngest team, not to boost egos and send stockprice balooning. The wellbeing and security of our employees is our number one priority to secure our long term success.

Rison is a fintech startup with a purpose. That is: using smart financing solutions to solve the climate change. Our mission is to maximise the reduction of carbon emissions. Rison is venture-backed and focused on innovation and growth. Our HQ is in Gothenburg but we see our team growing nationally, and very likely internationally, with our first recruitments.

These are still early days for Rison and we of course have an options program available for the right candidates.

Our Rison to be

To be able to continue being competitive in a market that is becoming increasingly climate aware, companies all over the world are setting up ambitious targets for carbon emission reduction. However, reaching those targets often require large investments into internal cleantech projects. Besides identifying the projects, the key to deploying as many as possible of them is about making each project as profitable as possible.

Rison is a fintech company with a unique financing model integrated into our digital platform. The platform lets companies buy cleantech as a service so they don’t have to worry about development, financing and maintenance themselves. From a business perspective Rison focuses on making climate projects more valuable as an investment, so the projects can be realised, refinanced and even sold at very competitive terms. The set up makes it possible for companies to replace current, fossil dependent solutions, with little to no need for any investment of their own. This creates a very concrete and extremely scalable way to tackle the climate crisis.

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