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At Rison we work with investors to create, refinance and sell climate securities or PPAs. Our portfolio strategy, where we bundle up projects into larger vehicles, is primarily tailored to fit the criterias of pension funds, insurance companies and other long-term institutes.

To get enough climate neutral solutions in place in order to reach the Paris Agreement 1.5 degree target we need to attract over 100 trillion USD of investments according to The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Climate investments are long term and offer solid returns at reasonable risk. The demand for climate assets from institutional long-term investors - who are the only actors with access to the amount of money needed - is rapidly increasing. However, isolated projects are usually too small and risk is initially deemed too high. The solution spells scale and our platform is a way to meet that challenge.

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Climate investor

Do you want to help us ramp up climate initiatives worldwide by investing in active emission reducing projects? Then let's discuss our climate refinancing offer.

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Looking to invest in new cleantech projects at really competitive terms? Then you should talk to us about our impact investment proposal.

Long-term investor

In the need for large ticket long-term sustainable securities? We’ll help you find and create the project portfolio that matches your specific investment policies.

Do you work with investments or financing and are looking to get ahead on carbon neutrality assets?

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