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Partnering with Rison means that you get access to our digital platform and network in your everyday operations. Since our investment model is geared so that better climate results means better financial results, you will benefit regardless of if you are a developer or consultant, investor or clean tech company.

Who are you?

Developer or consultant

Do you help others set up and implement their sustainability projects? With the help of our digital platform and financing model you will be able to create a more complete and profitable offer. Both for you and your client.

Financing partner

Do you trade in climate securities? Are you looking for investments with strong climate effect? Through our digital platform you will get access to a wide variety of comprehensively presented investment opportunities that make a measurable climate impact.

Cleantech partner

Do you work for at cleantech company and want to offer your products and solutions as a service? Partnering with us means that you get to offer your products on our platform where you get direct access to both our client and financing network.

We offer you a partnership with access to our knowhow as well as our financing and tech toolbox, making your current proposition more complete, more profitable and especially more scalable.

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